Have an idea or a decision to make and simply need a sounding board?  In Like Flynn’s Brainstorming service allows you to do just that.  Let us come to you and help you work through some hard decisions or bounce some new ideas around.  Our expert advice will insure confidence in your choices.

Professional Marketing

The In Like Flynn team will help you develop a winning marketing plan to ensure your business is a success.  We have proven techniques and  approaches to succeeding in any industry.

We will help you design a campaign that will reach your target audience and speak to them in a fresh, new way.  We will help you define your brand, identify your target audience and develop your unique identifier, the reason people should choose you over your competition.  We will make you unique.  Our goal is to make your company the “first name” in your industry.

New Businesses – We can help you get a jump start to success with a winning website and tasteful marketing materials.

Existing businesses – We can help you rediscover your way to success.

Non-Profits – We will help you develop, design and implement a sound fund raising campaign.

Personal Branding

Soft skills are so very important in every day life, not only in business interaction.  Do you know the right way to shake someone’s hand?  Do you know how to dress for a job interview or business meeting?  In Like Flynn can help you dress, speak and present yourself to impress.

Practice Management Consulting

We understand most doctors starting their own private practice have not taken business and marketing courses to help navigate the world of starting a new business.  In Like Flynn can help.  From naming your business to website build to creating a strategic outreach plan to get you patients, we understand the world of medical marketing better than any other firm our there.  We can help with everything to get your practice running with the highest efficiency and productivity.Contact us today for a free practice assessment.